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People Who use Drugs are Humans. Let's Treat Them That Way. 

Our Mission

To redefine public health by meeting Floridians who use drugs where they are at through syringe access, overdose prevention, and all other healthcare needs in between. 

About Us

By centering and amplifying the voices of communities and people of color, sex workers, drug users, and others directly impacted by the war on drugs, we are working towards a future free of HIV/Hepatitis C, drug overdose, the patrolling of body autonomy, systemic racism and mass incarceration.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a state free of HIV, Hepatitis C, drug overdoses, and soft tissue infections; a state where drug use, education, prevention, and treatment organizations work together to develop programs that further healthier decision making for drug users, their families, and communities.

Our History

In 2019, a small group of Harm Reduction activists met at Rebel Recovery in West Palm Beach to link together and found Florida Harm Reduction Collective, Inc. The Collective received its 501(c)3 status in 2021 and continues to expand! The Collaborative is comprised of Recovery Community Organizations, Overdose Prevention Programs, Syringe Service Programs, Community-Based Organizations, and other stakeholders working to decrease the harms of drug use and eliminate the stigma associated with harm reduction.

Harm Reduction 101

Harm Reduction is a set of strategies that help to reduce or eliminate the harms that are associated with substance use. This includes efforts ranging anywhere from building relationships with individuals who are unhoused and/or use drugs, to pushing towards ending the War on Drugs. Harm reduction re-humanizes people by removing stigma, creating the potential for bodily autonomy, and supporting incremental positive changes and healthier decisions.

Harm Reduction seeks to end the societal conditions that underlie drug use. By addressing systemic racism, sexism, transphobia, and queerphobia while also supporting universal healthcare, Harm Reduction strives to establish just living conditions and address mental health disparities that often drive individuals to self-medicate with drugs to ameliorate the weight of systemic oppression.  Based on scientific research and the lived experiences of individuals who use drugs, their loved ones, and their communities, the goal of Harm Reduction is a better world in which individuals don’t just survive, they thrive. 

Harm Reduction 101
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