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With modern treatment options available, it's possible to live life uninhibited by HIV. But first, you have to know your status.

Florida Harm Reduction Collective is proud to offer free and anonymous HIV self-test kits. Click here to order your test kit or click the buttons below to find resources available to you.

Whether you're HIV negative and looking for preventative care or you've had a reactive test and are looking for the next steps,
we're here to help.

A reactive test (a test with two lines showing) does not mean you are HIV positive. Further testing is required to confirm a diagnosis. Click "my test was reactive" below to find confirmatory testing in your area.

Click here for instructions on taking an OraQuick test and understanding your results.

Reporting the result of your test allows us to show the need for these services across the state and continue to provided them. All data collected is fully anonymous with no identifying information requested. 


Reactive Test? Start here.

First, try not to panic. Reactive does NOT mean positive. Further testing is required to determine your status. Click the link below to find confirmatory testing in your area.

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Confirmatory Testing & HIV Treatment

Find an HIV testing clinic in your county to access confirmatory testing and treatment. This site lists both confidential and anonymous sites.

HIV Negative? Start here.

Treatment as prevention exists for those at risk of contracting HIV from sex or injection drug use. PrEP and PEP consist of taking medications either prior to or after exposure of HIV to prevent contraction. 

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Learn about PrEP and PEP

Learn the differences between the two treatment options: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis & Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

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Find a PrEP/PEP Provider

Find a clinic from the DOH's website that will provide PrEP or PEP. 

HIV Negative
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