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Meet The Team


Tim Santamour




​Tim Santamour is the interim Executive Director for Florida Harm Reduction Collective and a long time AIDS and Harm Reduction activist. Since the early 80s, Tim has played an active role in founding several support groups and organizations, including Prevention Point Buffalo (1991), a Syringe Services Program, and Moving Equipment (1995) in New York City, which began street-based overdose prevention education and naloxone distribution in 1997.


In 2019 he helped found Florida Harm Reduction Collective as a statewide network of Overdose Recognition and Reversal and HIV/Hepatitis C Prevention organizations aimed at furthering harm reduction Initiatives serving people who use drugs, their families, and communities.  As a gay man living with the experiences of substance use and the AIDS crisis Tim has focused his energies on ending HIV and the harms associated with substance use in Florida, nationally, and globally.

Meg Murphy




Meg Murphy launched her career in harm reduction in 2019 when she used her infectious disease and public health research background to take on a role as a project manager for a research project at SSPs across Wisconsin. Since then, Meg has been developing and implementing harm reduction programs in communities across the country, including HIV and STI testing programs, naloxone distribution networks, and sex education programs.


With both professional and lived experience with substances and the systematic harms caused by our society, Meg is dedicated to ensuring everyone who uses substances now, has used in the past, and may use in the future lives a healthy and autonomous life. 

in loving memory

Jeanie Williams




Meet Jeanie Williams, a driving force at the Florida Harm Reduction Collective since early 2023. Jeanie takes on the role of Program Specialist in the mail-based Naloxone distribution program, where she helps coordinate life-saving efforts.


Her journey into harm reduction began as a recipient of its services, sparking a deep commitment to continuing those services for others. Jeanie's caring nature flourished during her time with the Kansas Oxford House Association and the Friends of Recovery Association in Johnson County, Kansas. There, she volunteered and worked on initiatives like expanding re-entry programs and advocating for transgender inclusion in Oxford Houses.


Jeanie proudly identifies as a trans woman on a journey of lasting recovery, embracing a path beyond strict abstinence. Outside her impactful work, she finds joy in various forms of creative expression. Jeanie not only navigates life’s spectrum but also paints it with her unique hues of self-expression.

Megan Sarmento




My name is Megan and I am a proud anthropologist and harm reductionist. I have been doing research on drug use, harm reduction, and syringe services programs (SSPs) in the US South for five years and continue to do so today as a PhD Student at the University of South Florida. My dissertation research focuses on the development and implementation of programs that increase access to Hepatitis C treatment for people who inject drugs (PWID). I started working with IDEA Exchange Tampa in 2021 and gained two years of experience as a peer recovery support specialist, infectious disease linkage to care specialist, phlebotomist, and medical assistant.


I am now grateful to serve as manager for the Florida Harm Reduction Collective's BayCare Outreach Program, for which I ensure that each peer in the four-county area is well-supported to provide quality street outreach services and increase linkage to care for PWID. I have witnessed in my long-term commitments in the field that the services provided by harm reductionists make invaluable impacts: it saves lives, restores dignity, and positively contributes to people's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I am excited and hopeful to see these services expand throughout Florida and the US with the help of the Florida Harm Reduction Collective.




Chanteli Arambula-Perez

Hi my name is Chanteli Perez. I proudly started my Street Outreach role with the Florida Harm Reduction Collective in January 2024 . I distribute Narcan and teach overdose prevention, distribute hygiene and provide resources to the houseless and those in drug use. I also provide wound care and HIV testing.


My lived experience of substance use and incarceration has left me with a deep empathy with vulnerable communities and intolerance for injustice. Harm Reduction gives me a way to serve those of us who were left behind, while also aiding in my own recovery. By helping decrease negative consequences and recognizing that those unable or unwilling to stop can still make positive change to protect themselves and others.

Danielle "Dani" Rice


Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 10.47.02.png


Danielle Rice is a highly experienced and respected professional known for her deep commitment to advocacy and harm reduction. She holds certifications as a National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS) and a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS), specializing in providing support to adults and families in Florida facing mental health and substance use challenges.


Danielle serves as a Curriculum Developer at the Florida Harm Reduction Collective, collaborating with various organizations, elected officials, and stakeholders across the state to expand syringe service programs. 

Danielle's own lived experiences, marked by overcoming fifteen years of chaotic drug use, a decade of houselessness, and navigating the legal system, as well as persevering from childhood and adulthood trauma, deeply influence her professional endeavors and passion for serving the public. Her extensive personal experiences fuel her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. Danielle's expertise, strong advocacy abilities, and steadfast dedication make her an asset in the field of harm reduction. Her pivotal role in driving significant change involves meeting people where they are, upholding individual autonomy, and recognizing the importance of accessibility to multi-faceted approaches in order to reduce harm, saving and transforming lives as a harm reductionist. 

Maryam "Swindle" Acosta




Maryam "Swindle" Acosta is the director of the mail-based Naloxone distribution program. It knows it has big shoes to fill and strives to make Jeanie Williams (the former Director of Naloxone) proud every day.


Maryam’s work in harm reduction began over a decade ago when she bicycled around her college town to hand out condoms to the street sex workers. She was also a beneficiary of these services later in life as a professional sugar baby and escort. It prioritizes a holistic approach to harm reduction that includes everyone and every kind of recovery, and is open about its own journey of long-term recovery from chaotic substance usw. Maryam openly and proudly identifies as trans and Muslim, and hopes to bring more harm reduction awareness to the Muslim community. 


In its spare time, Maryam still does harm reduction off the clock with the underground street team known as Kaon City Medics, and slowly adds to her Transformers collection.

Lindsey Spero




Lindsey is a transgender and non-binary human being, hailing from the Swamp, living on occupied Tocobaga land, otherwise known as St. Petersburg. 

They are a lover of people, and have focused much of their professional development on the study and development of communities.

Lindsey has been working in harm reduction for the last three years, and is eager to continue to grow sustainable resources and practices for their city. 


In their "spare" time, they work with CampOUT Florida, PFLAG Safety Harbor, and Kaon City Medics as a youth leader, organizer, advocate, and EMT/street medic.

Lindsey lives with his kitten Dandelion in their 30-foot school bus, and loves to plan their next adventure.

Austin Willis





I'm Austin, the Collective's Baycare Outreach Peer for Polk County. I'm part of a team of five people who go out into the field and work directly with people who have harm in their life that can be reduced. That could mean sex workers who don't have adequate access to condoms, people who use drugs who have to share or reuse needles, or someone experiencing homelessness who has a hard time walking everywhere and can't afford a bus pass. Through their mutual interaction with us, we can connect them with the resources of the Collective and improve their health and safety in a direct way. Our job as peers is to meet participants where they're at: at their house, on the street, in a motel, or at an encampment. We also connect people with health/recovery resources and other services, and perform basic woundcare when necessary. 


By distributing Narcan, condoms, HIV tests, safe injection supplies, and other supplies we are directly impacting the spread of infectious diseases in the community and reducing the number of fatal overdoses. I believe very strongly in reducing harm, on a personal moral level as well as on a broader social level. If someone is alive today because their friends had access to Narcan, we've done our job. If someone injects their drugs more safely and avoids contracting HIV, we've done our job. Each of these victories contribute overall to a healthier community for everyone. 


Everyone at the Collective strives to spread this philosophy throughout our society, so that hopefully we can all invest more in this kind of basic prevention and solve problems before they get much worse and compound on each other. I want to live in a world where everyone practices safer sex and no one shares needles, not only because I care about other people but because I want to minimize my own exposure to disease and I understand that when trajedy strikes one person it ripples out and really strikes all of us. This is definitely the best job I've had.

Brittany Vannort




Brittany Vannort is a Project Director for the Florida Harm Reduction Collective. She has her bachelor's in psychology from College of Charleston and is the former Director of Outreach for the South Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition. She is a person in long-term recovery and a former IV drug user. She utilizes her lived experience to drive her passion for implementing liberatory harm reduction across the state of Florida. 


Kelsey Powell





Kelsey Powell is our Program Manager for Pasco County street outreach, and is part of our social media and web team. They joined the Collective in 2023 and have been an activist, community organizer, & harm reduction advocate since 2020. 


Kelsey entered the field of harm reduction through social justice activism & working with fellow organizers to center the needs of oppressed peoples in their own community. She is a founding member of Progressive People's Action Mutual Aid Organization & the director of their harm reduction program for Narcan distribution & Overdose Recognition & Response training.


Her work is informed by lived experience with incarceration, homelessness, & recovery from Substance Use Disorder. She strongly emphasizes the need to address intersectionalities between systematic oppression and harm reduction in their work.

Board of Directors


Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare - Grants Director

Jacksonville, FL


Ladies Intervention Project for Success - Co-Founder

 Statewide, FL




St. Petersburg, FL


Picking up the Pieces - Founder

 Ocala, FL


Underground Recovery Jax

 Jacksonville, FL

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